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What the Shell?! A New Course in the Making

A few weeks ago I started brainstorming ideas for a new game development course and before I can create the video tutorials I have to come up with a sample project. I'd created several puzzle games in the recent past and wanted something a little different. Having just finished reading an article...


Misc Corona SDK Tutorials Available

There's a new "course" available for Corona SDK game developers -- and I put the word course in quotes because it's unlike the other courses here. It's actually a bundle of stand-alone tutorials (most of them video, but not all) showing different tips and techniques for Corona SDK. Use this...


I'm No Programmer - What's The Best Way To Make Games?

I was asked this question last week (and I've seen it many times before): Q. I don't really have any programming knowledge, so what is the best way to learn to make games and apps? A. The #1 thing is to know going in that it’s not going to happen overnight. There’s a learning curve for...


Welcome to the new (old) students!

The site is finally partly open and people are coming in from the old and sites -- yes, we're all in here together so please, no rumbling (as in the 60s slang gang-fighting context). ;) Some have asked, but for those who wondered but didn't ask, the...


Which should I use for 2D game dev, Unity or Corona?

Because I teach 2D game development using Corona SDK as well as Unity, I'm often (weekly, at least) asked, "Which one is better for me to learn?" I finally decided to sit down and write something giving my thoughts on both -- I ranked both tools in 7 different areas and then added them...